Warehouse Reshuffle

Orders placed after 4:30pm on 14/06/24 will be dispatched on 24/06/24

What's Happening

On Friday, 14th June at 4:30pm our warehouse operations will pause for a week so that we can conduct a warehouse reshuffle.

The image depicts a warehouse interior with a large sign hanging in the foreground that reads "Temporary Pause in Operations." The warehouse features shelves stocked with boxes and packages, with two closed roller doors in the background. The overall setting appears to be organized and well-lit, emphasizing the temporary halt in activities.

The image features a stylized illustration of online shopping. A large smartphone screen in the center displays a shopping cart icon, order details, and a "Place Order" button. A hand is shown about to click the button. Surrounding the smartphone are various elements related to shopping and e-commerce, such as gift boxes, shopping bags, a clock, and plant leaves, all set against a light beige background. The overall theme emphasizes the ease and convenience of placing orders online.

Can I still place an order?

Yes - our website will remain fully operational allowing you to place orders as usual. However, orders won't be dispatched until Monday, 24th June when our warehouse is back to normal operation.

We're still here to help

Throughout the warehouse reshuffle we will still be here to help but it may take us a little bit longer to reply.

Contact Us
The image is a cartoon-style illustration of a simple figure holding up an orange sign with the word "SUPPORT?" written in bold, black letters. The figure, colored in shades of blue and green, has a raised arm holding the sign above its head, with lines radiating from its head to indicate emphasis or attention. The background is transparent, making the image versatile for various uses related to seeking help or support.